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The inspiration of this game came from a painting of our key-animator, in which a girl stood in a open field. In Arabela: Dream Trip, this girl read a book and then entered the world of book—a lonely but wonderful experience began. The scenes and music of the game also served for the topic: loneliness.

1)Visual Enjoyment

Generally, the scenes in most puzzle games are frightening; however, in Arabela: Dream Trip, the scenes feature beautifully hand drawn: relaxing, peaceful and visually graceful.

2)Brilliant Background Music

FyBe Music Production Group, one of the most famous and experienced light music producing group in China, specially made the holistic music album for our game. These songs are used in different scenes, such as forest, city, ocean and so on. In addition, the use of piano, guitar and many other different instruments enable players a better game experience. You can click here to listen.

3)Quick Update

A month after the publish of Mainland China version, We quickly published more levels for Christmas and hidden levels. The scenes are warm and relaxing, and the background music is soft and sweet. Also, these levels are more challenging than the others, which provide players a better game experience. Moreover, the new episodes are coming soon.

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